Hot Air Balloon Rides in WA State
Hot Air Balloon Rides in Washington State
Ballooning in Washington

Frequently Asked Questions about Hot Air Balloon Rides

How high do you fly? Flight elevations depend on the day’s winds. Each flight is unique. Altitudes vary from tree top level to several thousand feet. We always fly high enough to see all the mountains and everything below!

Are there health concerns for flying in a balloon? Yes. Guests should be strong and agile enough to climb and step over the side of the balloon’s basket to enter and exit. Flexibility is also important. Although 99% of our landings are soft touchdowns there is always a chance we may bounce or tip should the winds change when we land. In such a case guests must be able to crouch down with anyone else in the basket and have the strength to grab the handles provided. If you are pregnant we are unable to accommodate you. If you are obese, had recent surgery, have a chronic medical condition or disability, please consult your physician and/or discuss with us prior to making your reservation. Guests are asked to sign a Liability Release Form. Safe, enjoyable flights are our goal. Should you have any questions, please call and we will be happy to discuss them.

Are there weight limits? Yes. Due to limited space in the balloon's basket and the lifting capacity of the balloon, we are unable to accommodate any guest who weighs more than 275 pounds.

How does one dress? As if you were going for a walk. Sturdy shoes are recommended (no sandals please). Morning temperatures can be cool but do warm up. We recommend a jacket or sweatshirt and a light shirt under that. Layers are best.

Can my 5 year old go up? We prefer not to fly children under the age of 6. There are a number of reasons for this. Of course, every child reacts differently but generally speaking we’ve found the burners can be too loud and the edge of the basket too tall to see over. And even though the rest of us find the flight exhilarating, the younger ones may be bored with the view after a short period. We also need everyone to be able to understand our directions and be able to care for themselves should we encounter a bumpy landing.

When do you fly? Our season runs May through September, Friday through Monday. Please call for availability.

Is ballooning regulated? Yes. Our balloons are registered and inspected according to FAA regulations. In addition balloon pilots are certified through the FAA and must have a commercial rating to fly for hire.